Hello and Welcome to Sprinkle and Dash!

Welcome to Sprinkle and Dash!

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Custom Sage Bundles

These custom Sage Bundles are perfect for any occasion. Beautiful as décor or for practical use. Use for House Blessing and Cleansing, Weddings, Christenings and more. Order yours today!

Boho Wall Hangings

See what we have in our shop or order your very own Custom Boho Wall Hanging. Beautiful in any space-Bedrooms above beds, sacred spaces, living rooms, offices and more. Order yours today!

Jump The Broom!

These decorative brooms are beautiful as décor, or for your special day to "Jump The Broom!". Herbs and Flowers are grown here on our Farm in Tennessee. The Handles are made of selenite and each piece has Reiki- Infused crystals all over. Custom work is available

Did you Know?

Each and Every Crystal and Stone featured in our product line is infused with Reiki? That's right! We put All of the Good Vibes into our products just for You!

"I received a beautiful basket of teas, bundles and incense! It all smells so wonderful! I am in love with the Bundle of Love Smudge Bundle!"

Michelle Freeman

"Sprinkle and Dash Herbs is truly divine and here to spread love and clarity!"

Alexis Mechelle

"Awesome experience! I highly suggest you give it a try The readings are very real."

Teenia Osborne Johnson

"It's been a week since my reading and still feel amazing. I have been able to express feelings that have been bottled up inside for years. I have been able to step up and block the negativity that over powered me for so long. This has been a great experience and I will continue to come to you as needed. You are a wonderful healer and I will recommend you to everyone I love."

Lindsey Lopez

Lucky Horseshoes

Our Signature Wreaths

Custom Sage Bundles